I started 34th & Now back in the summer of 2010 on a whim to post whatever random thoughts, photos, and music happened to be on my mind.

At the time I was attending the Pre Health Postbacc program at the University of Pennsylvania, studying for my MCAT, and living on the corner of 34th & Chestnut St. in Philly, hence the name. A few years later this blog has seen me through my first two years of Med School at Ross University in Dominica and followed me back to the states as I enter third year rotations starting down in Miramar, Florida.

34th & Now has come along for and, in its various incarnations, has reflected, that strange ride. At present it has become something of an indie music blog with occasional forays into guitar-nerding, photography, quotes, and literature. First and foremost it remains a personal outlet for me, and the fact that people read it—and occasionally send messages telling me how I turned them onto a new band or book or something is just a very, very cool bonus.

I’m gonna try to keep up without throughout med school as time and sleep deprivation permit.