So this past weekend they celebrated Carnivale in Roseau, the capital of Dominica. Having just finished up our neuro/endocrine/psych block and taken the block exam the previous Monday, we decided to head on out and experience Carnivale in the Caribbean first hand.

What ensued was basically a seventeen hour bender of no sleep, drinking, eating, marching in the streets, blowing whistles, jumping on and off trucks, wearing crazy hats and more drinking. It was fantastic. Especially since most of us pulled seventeen hour no-sleep benders the weekend before to study for our exam.

Of the twenty or so that went and started our Carnivale experience around 5pm, only Sayegh and I were left standing in the streets at 10am with our breakfast Vodka-Monsters in hand (they were out of Redbull.)

Highlights of the night included:
-Jumping on a moving flat bad and crowning it our chariot float.
-Marching in the parade with locals for 4 hours.
-Getting invited to karaoke with an Asian family at their Chinese New Years dinner.
-James’ incredible mullet wig.

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