England indie rockers Yuck are one of those bands that I didn’t “get” on first listen but that slowly crept on me and put me in a sleeper hold until I gave in and admitted I liked them. Their self titled debut album, Yuck, is ambitious to say the least, ranging from fast paced—see above for album opener "Get Away”— to a more melancholy Smashing Pumpkins-esque sound on tracks like "Shook Down."  In short if you’re a fan of 90s alternative rock, even tangentially, your are bound to find a track on the album that hits home.

Yuck is doing a short US Tour at the moment and I, for one, will be catching them at First Unitarian in Philly on April 27th.

Note: I really couldn’t decide which of two videos to post so be sure to watch this performance of "Shook Down"from SXSW.

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