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Alabama’s Matthew Mayfield just released a new single, “Desire,” complete with a new music video. As a big fan of Mayfield’s I was definitely expecting a lot  from the new single, and luckily I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. As

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A friend sent me Flatsound’s album, Sleep, to check out on Spotify and it’s pretty amazing. The first half of the album sees Mitch Welling focusing on his singer-songwriter while the second half sees him experimenting with ambient sounds and music. The first half is definitely more my go-to but the latter half is great for sleeping. The acoustic guitar is on point, as are the lyrics which are relate-able in the same way that Matt Nathanson’s lyrics or Richward Edwards’ lyrics are. My two favorite tracks are “Don’t Call Me At All” and “Sleep.”

I listened to a ton of Mighty Oaks and Aunt Martha today on my drive up from D.C. and since I’ve already posted something by the former, I figured it was time to throw something out there by New England based singer-songwriter Tim Noyes aka Aunt Martha.

Noyes has been making a name for himself with the band since 2008 but really took off after his Bonaroo performances and the covers of fellow Bonaroo artists he recorded and posted to Youtube prior to said shows. Here though, we’ve got “Nassau” off the Norway, ME album. Check it out.

This find comes straight from two of my favorite falcons, and founding members of the #JazzyFizzle Crew. They know who they are. And now thanks to them, I know Hartford, CT based indie-folk band, Bronze Radio Return.

It’s hard to pin down their sound to one genre. They are folky but with a strong indie-rock feel. They are indie rock with more than just a little singer-songwriter thrown in. I guess it makes sense though when you see how the band cites their own influences:

"We each offer a different spin on the music we play,” offers Henderson, who professes great appreciation for Ben Harper and Muddy Waters. “That’s really how we found our unique sound. Everyone has a voice and adds to it.” Bandmates Struble and Griffith cite Stevie Wonder, while Tanen is moved by the modern-day Stone Temple Pilots’ tight bass groove. CCR and Stevie Ray Vaughn light Fetkowitz’s fire, and Warner rounds it out with a push from Tom Petty."

Here they are with a live performance of “Down There.”

Check out Hudson Taylor, two singer-songwriter brothers from Dublin. The duo, who first came to fame via their Youtube channel as Harry & Alfie performing covers and original songs, have since moved to London to pursue music full time, which is good news given their solid lyrics and Marcus Mumford level strumming.

It’s the little things you miss when you’re 1900 miles away for Medical School in the Caribbean. I’ve had my Fender American Special HSS Strat a.k.a. “Leroy” and my Martin LXM Little Martin a.k.a. “The Imp” with me here in Dominica for the past 7 months which has been awesome and kept me sane, but my brain could totally go for some decompression via overdriven Les Paul cranked to 10 right about now…Only 40 more days until finals and my flight home.

When I get home my plan is to add a Greven 50’s-style tortoise pickguard—and possibly undersaddle pickup—to The Imp. Then I’m going to strip out the guts & neck from Mary and put them into the new string-through Alder Tele body I’ll be finishing from scratch in nitro Butterscotch Blonde. #Luthiering101

1. “Jules Winnfield” - Epi LP Standard
2.  Epi Pro/FX LP w/ Floyd Rose
3. “Fionna” - Epi LP Special II (GFS Mean 90/Dream 180)
4. “Mary” - Squire Affinity Tele (project guitar)
5. “Leroy” - Fender American Special HSS Strat
6. “Martin” - Martin DCME
7. “Stella” - Martin D12X1 
8. “The Imp” - Martin LXM
9. “Taylor” -Taylor 110E
10. “Alvy” - Alvarez RD8 
11. Lanikai LU-11 Ukulele

More singer-songwriter tunes, this time around from Howie Day. I remember seeing Howie a few years back at a solo acoustic show and being blown away by his use of the Line 6 DL4 Digital Delay Loop Pedal. He’s still one of the best I’ve seen with it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this video at around 4:30 in.

If only the DL4 wasn’t $250…

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In an effort to break out of my guitar playing plateau I went back and tried listening to songwriters from a writing perspective. After years of not “getting it,” Bob Dylan finally clicked for me. I have been listening to Dylan nonstop since last night.

Here’s a clip my buddy Richard shot of me and Krystal performing at DeChamps’ open mic night on one of our rare nights off from studying. We started the set with an 80s, 90s, 2000s medley that included Journey, Backstreet Boys, and Adele (listen here), before going into an acoustic version of Beyonce’s "Single Ladies" and then ending with T-Pain’s “Buy You a Drank.”

I’m playing the Martin LXM “Little Martin” sent to me by Dick Boak, head of Artist Relations and PR for C.F. Martin & Co. with an “artist discount” since I wasn’t able to take my full sized Martin dreadnaught with me to medical school. If you haven’t heard that story, it’s pretty awesome.

Me: Watch this
Me: Tim Reynolds Stream HD
Are you asking me to play like Tim Reynolds?
Anooj: Think about what you just said…
:: 4 minutes 30 seconds later
Anooj: He must be an octopus because I saw a lot going on.
Me: He has 14 hands.

This song will never get old. Here’s Dave Matthews with a solo performance of "Crash Into Me" from the Abbey Road studio in London. Crash is probably my favorite song of all time as well as the leading cause for my love of the acoustic guitar.

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Zach Williams is most definitely the next big singer-songwriter. Hailing from Georgia, Williams has been making a name for himself since 2004 with his soulful, penetrating vocals and honest lyrics. Here’s "Fears" off his album Story Time. You’re welcome for this one.

It’s the little things you miss when you’re 1900 miles away for Med School.

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For the second time in two days I’ve heard this song playing while out and about and both times I reacted with the same way: looking around thinking “Are you people not hearing this? Are you deaf? It’s DAVE!!!”