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Margot & The Nukes are streaming their latest album, Slingshot to Heaven, at Paste Magazine. In related news, everyone go to Paste and stream it because it’s Margot & The Nukes. Check it out here.

I know, I know…they’re Canadian, but hey, how could I not talk about a band named 41st and Home on a blog called 34th & Now. It had to be done. Plus their music is pretty solid. A friend sent me a bunch of new music yesterday to check out and these guys were top of the pile with solid vocals/lyrics and a band that features a cello, a violin, and a lot of floor toms. Fans of artists like The Spring Standards and Ra Ra Riot will definitely dig these guys.

I recently had someone on Tumblr ask me if I was on Spotify so they could follow me for music suggestions, having liked the music I post here. I’m not sure how to link directly to my Spotify account (if that’s even possible) so I decided to link to two playlists that have become my “catch alls” for new music I find.

The playlist above, “PRDR, Fishbowls & Mexican Mondays” came about sometime in August 2013 while studying for my first round of medical boards as a way to share some songs I was really into with a few friends. It served and continues to serve as a waystation for tracks that have already been vetted from my on-going (and currently 510 track, 31 hour long) “To Listen To” playlist and that might make it onto the “New for 34th” playlist. Basically, when I find a song I really like out of an album and listen to it over and over again, it gets bumped up to this playlist which means this playlist, on shuffle, is also pretty solid for long drives in the car.

Currently at 90 tracks and 5h 28 minutes, “PRDR, Fishbowls, & Mexican Mondays” features tracks by artists like Matthew Mayfield, Mighty Oaks, Bronze Radio Return, Moon Taxi, Smallpools, Johnnyswim and more.

I spent a good portion of my summer listening to Lord Huron and it wasn’t until recently, on a flight between NYC and Miami that I found myself really getting back into them. Their songs run the gamut from mellow folk/acoustic to more upbeat sing-a-long quasi-Mumford tracks which seems to be the genre that is really falling in my current wheelhouse. Here they are with a live version of “Time to Run.”

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Matthew Mayfield has been one of my favorite singer-songwriters for months now and I continually get blown away by his tracks as I delve deeper into his repertoire. This time around it was track “Maybe Next Christmas” off the similarly titled EP. It’s use of repetition is perfect and brutally honest, if not biographical lyrics makes it the kind of song almost everyone can relate to.

"A singer-songwriter from Australia putting out good music? How shocking!" said no one ever. 

This time around it’s indie-folk artist Hudson who has released two EP’s that I’m aware of. This track, “One & One” comes off the latter of the two, The Undertow EP. Hudson’s voice might take a bit to get used to, at least it did for me. The first time I heard this track, I liked it well enough but by the 3rd time through, I realized just how good it was. 

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I was listening to Twin Forks - EP today and thought, “This sounds like a grown up Dashboard Confessional.” Lo and behold, Twin Forks is the side project of long time Dashboard frontman Chris Carraba. Here they are with “Something We Just Know.”

The video for “Nunca” by California’s Trails & Ways is so epically 80’s (possibly 70s). The boomboxes alone are worth watching. Not to mention that the song itself is pretty rad.


I’ve recently gotten into Glasgow’s indie electropop trio Chvrches after my buddy started posting a bunch of their music in the group we have to share music. Here’s “The Mother We Share” off their debut album The Bones of What You Believe.

I listened to a ton of Mighty Oaks and Aunt Martha today on my drive up from D.C. and since I’ve already posted something by the former, I figured it was time to throw something out there by New England based singer-songwriter Tim Noyes aka Aunt Martha.

Noyes has been making a name for himself with the band since 2008 but really took off after his Bonaroo performances and the covers of fellow Bonaroo artists he recorded and posted to Youtube prior to said shows. Here though, we’ve got “Nassau” off the Norway, ME album. Check it out.

#NewTunesTuesday strikes again. This time it’s Cali based indie pop band Smallpools with their debut single, “Dreaming.” This song is getting a ton of radio play nationally on Sirius XM as well as local indie stations which is crazy considering the band formed less than a year ago.

The latest from Kings of Leon, “Temple,” is fantastic and arguably my favorite track of theirs to date. It’s just so goddamned Rock N’ Roll. It’s great to see that they can crank it out just as well live as on the album. Also, is it me or does Jools Holland have the best videographers and film editing team in all of Late Night? It’s ridiculous; every video watches like a concert DVD.

Nashville quintet Moon Taxi manages to somehow combine indie, alt-rock, progressive rock, jazz-rock, and jam band sensibilities into one ridiculously awesome package. I’ve been listening to 2013’s Mountains Beaches Cities and 2012’s Cabaret for a few days now and the albums only get better with each listen. Here’s the official video for “The New Black” off of the 

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A bit late on this one admittedly but the Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I Wanna Know” is a fantasticly dark single. It reminds me a lot of Arcade Fire for some reason which is weird because I can’t get into the latter’s new single Reflektor at all. If for some odd reason you haven’t heard “Do I Wanna Know” yet, check it out.

34th&Now is back from the abyss of USMLE Step 1 and I’ve got tons of new music I found along the way studying all day every day. Up first is indie singer-songwriter/alt rocker Butch Walker with his new single Coming Home off of The Peachtree EP. Super catchy with a sing-a-long chorus the song also features a pretty epic music video worth checking out. The acoustic version of the song is pretty stellar also and you can check it out here.