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Formed just over a year ago, Mansions on the Moon, consists of Shaw and Ben Hazlegrove (of Pnuma Trio) along with singer/songwriter, Ted Wendler. The band’s debut EP, Full Moon, was released in October 2013 and features some great indie-synth-pop tracks. A friend sent this song, “More Than Nothing” my way recently, and now they are definitely on my bands to watch list for 2014.

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I was listening to Twin Forks - EP today and thought, “This sounds like a grown up Dashboard Confessional.” Lo and behold, Twin Forks is the side project of long time Dashboard frontman Chris Carraba. Here they are with “Something We Just Know.”

#NewTunesTuesday strikes again. This time it’s Cali based indie pop band Smallpools with their debut single, “Dreaming.” This song is getting a ton of radio play nationally on Sirius XM as well as local indie stations which is crazy considering the band formed less than a year ago.

Yet another killer indie pop band from Australia, here’s Jenny Broke the Window. With infectious tracks like “Rum N’ Cola,” “Abracadabra,” and “Ravel” they are making quite a name for themselves. My personal favorite though is lead off track off their 2013 self titled EP, “Wash Your Mouth.” 

Stop what you are doing and listen to We Are Twin’s single “The Way We Touch.” They’re like a combo of Adele, Amy Winehouse, and the Strokes or as their bio puts it, “infectious passion matched by a warm soundscape bristling with synths, keys, and strings. a style that dips into rock ‘n’ roll soul, electronic production, pop sensibility and even a little classical orchestration.”

The new single “Black Out Days” by Phantogram off their upcoming 2013 album is awesome. Sara Barthel’s vocals kill it and the beats are as chill and psych-pop as ever.

Monogold’s album The Softest Glow came in this month’s #Merchbox along with a bunch of other stuff and it’s pretty damn good. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY—apparent home to 1 in every 2 hipster indie bands—the three piece indie-pop band cites influences that range from 50’s do-wop to avant-garde, to folk and shoegaze. It shows. Here they are with “Spirit or Something.”

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Blame Canada. Blame Canada for the great album that is Two Hours Traffic’s Foolish Blood. Hailing from Charlottetown, Prince Edward, the Canadian quartet have come up with some really solid indie-pop/power-pop tunes on their fourth full length studio album. Check out album lead off track, “Magic.”

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Darwin Deez is the Michael Jackson of chill-wave-esque, experimental, pseudo-electro indie pop. Yes, I know I just made that genre up. Still though, listen to “Bed Space” and tell me that’s not a perfect description of his style.

Here’s NY based indie dreampop duo MS MR with their single “Fantasy,” off their upcoming album Second Hand Rapture. I hear a pretty big Florence & The Machine influence, especially on the chorus, but that’s definitely not a bad thing.

So I know I already posted about Wild Cub earlier in the week here, but “Colours” was literally too good not to post. On the band’s page it lists “nu disco” under genre tags, and while I have zero clue what the hell that is, after listening to “Colours” five or six times in a row, I am inclined to find out.

So I hit the replay button on this video about five times in a row. Sorry. Sorry I’m NOT sorry. “Thunder Clatter” by Nashville based Wild Cub is just that catchy. Also, the music video is cool as hell and a testament to the fact that you don’t need a big budget to make an awesome video.

Centered around film composer and singer/songwriter DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, Wild Cub was born after the two spent a year touring under DeWitt’s name and hitting stops like the CMJ Music Marathon and SXSW. Since the name change, Wild Cub gone on to record their debut, Youth, perform at Bonaroo, and get positive national attention from big names like Paste.

While I am busy dodging torrential storms in an effort to study medicine, my sister and Liz are planning to go to a show in D.C. tomorrow that has The Jezabels, Yukon Blonde, and Hey! Rosetta on the bill. Cue Talking Heads “Once In a Lifetime”…

Anyway here’s indie pop/rock group Yukon Blond with “Loyal Man.” Check em out.

Once again, the All Saints Basement Sessions have turned me on to a new band. This time it’s indie-pop trio We Have Band. In particular it was their All Saints performance of “Where Are Your People?” Check it out.

Wildlife Control released their first single, “Analog or Digital” back in December of 2011 to immediate buzz. The indie pop duo—brothers Neil and Sumul Shah—even got the attention of Spin Magazine, who saw fit to stream a few tracks online. Since then the band has released their eponymous debut which you can pick up on iTunes or Amazon for $10.