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This live acoustic version of Aunt Martha performing “Fifteen Countries” is absolutely fantastic. This has to be, far and away, one of my new favorite songs from one of my new favorite artists.

Here’s more from Moon Taxi. These guys are just killing it. It’s the perfect blend of indie, jam band, alt rock and catchy songwriting. Here they are with “Morocco” or Audio Tree Live. They also did a few more tracks worth checking out at this session including “The New Black” and “Running Wild”

Yet another band I am always happy to see new music from, The Head and the Heart, performed their new single, Shake, live on Jimmy Fallon earlier this month. They also did a pop up show in the woods at Outside Lands where they debuted the song fully acoustic. You can watch taht performance here.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast for Miramar, Florida:
Sweater Weather

8am: Midterm exam covering clinical cardiology, pulmonology, gastoenterology, epidemiology, renal, geriatrics and sexual issues in medicine.

8pm: The Neighbourhood at The Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale.

Music magazines and websites like Billboard and Pitchfork tend to be pretty polarizing with some people swearing by them, and others thinking they are elitist and douchey. Whatever your opinion, it’s worth checking out Billboard’s live sessions. They’ve got some real gems on there and obviously have the funds for solid camera work and mixing. Recently I’ve been listening to the live, acoustic version that Two Door Cinema Club threw down at the studio. Here’s “Something Good Can Work.” 

So I hit the replay button on this video about five times in a row. Sorry. Sorry I’m NOT sorry. “Thunder Clatter” by Nashville based Wild Cub is just that catchy. Also, the music video is cool as hell and a testament to the fact that you don’t need a big budget to make an awesome video.

Centered around film composer and singer/songwriter DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, Wild Cub was born after the two spent a year touring under DeWitt’s name and hitting stops like the CMJ Music Marathon and SXSW. Since the name change, Wild Cub gone on to record their debut, Youth, perform at Bonaroo, and get positive national attention from big names like Paste.

This video speaks for itself. It is flawless.

I’d say 25 percent of our populace has craziness in the blood. It’s genetic. It’s historical. I mean what kind of person immigrated to the New World? Not counting slaves, there were only four types, really: people who didn’t think Europe was religious enough, people who thought they could make a lot of money, antisocial failures with no other option, and fruitcakes who thought risking their lives on an alien shore might make for an interesting adventure. Those are the four components to the American gene pool, and those are the four explanations for every good and bad thing that’s ever happened here.
Chuck Klosterman, The Visible Man

With our GI and Renal exam coming up on Monday I’ve been pulling 20 hour days studying but on the bright side I’ve got at least twenty new bands I’ve come across while studying and will be putting together the July Indie playlist after the test. In the meantime here’s a great live version of “Submarine” by The Lumineers.

Is that…gritty blues rock? From someone other than The Black Keys and Jack White? You bet your sweet Gibson SG-playing ass it is. Here’s AWOLNATION with a ridiculously badass version of their song “Sail” live at Radio 94.7.

Side note: I don’t know if it’s the lighting or what but that Gibson SG is one sexy looking guitar. Is that a solid burnt orange finish? I don’t see any grain so I don’t think it’s a cherry or natural finish.

Thanks to the good folks at Philadelphia’s indie station Radio 104.5 and their weekly “New Music Playlist” I discovered Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons. They’ve were dubbed “Most Requested Band of 2010” on LOCAL 107.9FM, chosen as a Vegas Music Summit Headliner, voted “Best Local Indie Band 2010” by Las Vegas Weekly, and awarded “Best CD of 2011” by Vegas Seven Magazine.

Since then they’ve gone on to perform with some pretty big names like Weezer, Interpol, JET, Neon Trees, Hot Chip, The Temper Trap, Foster the People, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, O.A.R., Free Energy, The Cab, The Limousines, and more. Not bad for a band who won their first battle of the bands in 2009.

This video was brought to my attention along with the knowledge that some of John Mayer’s biggest hits—Neon, Why Georgia, Comfortable, No Such Thing, Man on the Side—were actually co-written by John’s former Berklee classmate Clay Cook. Cook, a solo artist in his own right, has also been an active member of country-cross over favorites The Zac Brown Band since 2009.

I think I like Cook’s version of "Comfortable" better, and not just because he throws in “your mouth was fuckin’ dirty.” Overall the song seems to have more feeling behind it and after listening to Cook’s versions of some other songs they’ve cowritten that seems to be par for the course. I like Mayer and the guy can certainly wail on a guitar like no one else from his generation but I can’t help but wonder if he’d have been as big without Cook’s influence.

I wore down the replay button with this one. Anyone who reads 34th & Now knows how much I dig acoustic Matt Nathanson performances and this is one of the best recordings of one I’ve seen yet—let’s be real nothing compares to acoustic live but I’m currently stuck in the middle of the Caribbean so….yeah. Anyway, this version of "Run" is, like I said, fantastic. Matt & Aaron Tapp manage to take a pretty highly produced male-female duet (female vocals by Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles on the album) and strip it down to a one-man-vocal acoustic song while maintaining the emotional integrity and sincerity that make the album version a fan favorite.

For the love of good music I strongly insist you reblog this. Hell, I don’t even care if you re-up it yourself rather than a reblog, just make sure it gets spread around. Budding indie/guitar/music enthusiasts (read: potential future music snobs like me) need to hear that there’s more out there than Bieber, Weezy, and Gaga.

Here’s UK pop group The Saturdays giving a great rendition of Madcon’s version of "Beggin" for MTV UK.  For those under the age of 50 and/or the musically uncultured, the Madcon version isn’t an original either, "Beggin’" was originally released in the 60’s by Frankie Valli (well…it was really The Four Seasons but somehow it was released as a Valli solo track but that’s neither here nor there.) The point is, here’s a  great cover of a great cover. It’s like Inception for your ear drums.

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The live version of the Counting Crows' "Children in Bloom" from Across A Wire is currently blowing my mind. How have I never noticed this before?