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So Guster’s “Careful” made it onto the latest 34th & Now mix, The Life Acoustic w/ Steve Zissou and it subsequently got me listening to 1999’s “Lost and Gone Forever,” which was the bands big breakthrough. Such a good album. Anyway, Careful has been stuck in my head for days. 

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Here’s a Saturday night throwback: Reel Big Fish’s "Beer" — one of a few songs that defined my musical tastes in my early teen years. It’s right up there with Less Than Jakes “Look What Happened.”

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Here’s a quick little throwback with Taking Back Sunday’s 2006 smash hit MakeDamnSure, off their album Louder Now. The band recently tweeted (@tbsofficial) that the band’s original lineup had reunited and that 15 tracks were recently recorded in El Paso for an upcoming self-titled album.